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Monday 09th August 2021Blog from the Edge, 6

Here’s Alison’s Blog from the Edge number 6, A Mixed Bag, as we start excavating the cave, progress work in the house, and await VIP guests.


 A Mixed Bag


It’s been a mixed bag this week on the weather front, with some gorgeous, very hot days full of sunshine and blue skies - and a couple of cloudy days, with cooler temperatures and clouds blowing down past us down into the valley below. We saw our first rain in 5 weeks last night - not heavy, a steady, gentle soak, but it was still warm.


This week’s been a mixed bag job-wise too. Paul finished clearing the garden, and we’ve been burning rubbish. I’ve been planting up numerous pots, sewing curtains, and giving four very sad chairs found in the cellar a new lease of life, with a few coats of paint. We’ve hung a few more things on the walls (not a hammer and nails job, as they’re solid concrete) and Paul has started work on clearing the cave. Note the dry stone wall 😁!  In between we had a couple of very nice meals in Ribeira Brava and Bar Rio.  Oh, and Paul’s had an excellent hair cut!


Progress has been made on the electrical front. We now have numerous sockets, so we can dispense with a few metres of extension cables running throughout the house! 


Excitement is building as we may have our first guests in a week’s time - my daughter and son-in-law and two grandchildren 🤗

Posted on August 09th 2021 on 12:05pm

Wednesday 25th November 2020Loft, Old Madeiran Cottage

This atmospheric loft was in a derelict cottage just behind the house and studio in Madeira I’ll be moving to. You can see a broken bed up in the eaves - it must have been hot as hell trying to sleep there in the summer, and there are no windows in the two rooms downstairs. I only saw this in August - and most of the building has now been destroyed. This painting is a work in progress - very close to being finished.
You can also see a mysterious chest in the bottom right of this painting. I never remove or move what I find in the abandoned houses I paint - but this chest must be matchsticks by now! 

Posted on November 25th 2020 on 01:17pm

Tuesday 25th August 2020Madeira Move

 This article in the Tyne Valley Express tells of our move to Madeira and my latest painting, 'Homage to Riddlehamhope'. We hope to arrive in Madeira in time for the island's flower festival in September. We will be working on a new gallery there this autumn, and I have a separate studio to paint from, looking over the sea. For anyone wishing to visit the gallery, there is a small hotel just five minutes' walk away.

Posted on August 25th 2020 on 10:50am

Tuesday 25th August 2020Homage to Riddlehamhope Sequence

These photographs show the progression of my painting of the former hunting lodge at Riddlehamhope. I've been drawn to paint this atmospheric building several times. It has recently been demolished completely.

Posted on August 25th 2020 on 10:43am

Tuesday 21st July 2020Prudhoe Gallery in Kingfisher Northumberland Guide

You may spot the gallery in the latest Kingfisher hardback guide to Northumberland, which is full of information on galleries, restaurants, country houses and more to visit in our area.

Posted on July 21st 2020 on 03:15pm

Tuesday 21st July 2020Moor House Farm Feature

Thank you to the Tyne Valley Express magazine for this feature about my pair of Moor House Farm paintings. I enjoy painting abandoned buidlings which are fragile and fading, so that I can capture their fleeting beauty.

Posted on July 21st 2020 on 02:52pm

Wednesday 17th June 2020Gallery Open by Appointment

The gallery is now open by individual appointment if you would like to browse the prints and paintings. Just email me via the website's contact area to make an appointment. 

Teaching is on hold, sadly, until we have further guidelines of what’s safe and practical. The situation will change in due course. 

Take care and very best wishes from myself and Alison. 









Posted on June 17th 2020 on 02:00pm

Friday 12th June 2020The Byre Poem and New Book Coming, ‘An Ungoverned Sky’

This is Noel Connor’s poem ‘The Byre,’ which accompanies my painting ‘Window, Crossdykes Farm’ in ‘In the Pause of Passing’. Mike Tickell was kind enough to read the poem and Nat at Canny Productions​ filmed it.
Noel and I are currently working on a second book ‘An Ungoverned Sky’ - more news of that soon. Noel has been very busy writing in lockdown, and I’ve had far more time to paint than usual. I hope you enjoy the reading.
The Byre - https://youtu.be/NyyQSp6SD-c

Posted on June 12th 2020 on 11:52am

Tuesday 19th May 2020Empty Chair, Madeira

This painting of an empty chair in an abandoned dwelling in Madeira is paired, in a sense, with my earlier empty chair painting of a chair in an old house at Peakside, near Frosterly.
In each case, the chair looks as if a person just stood up and walked away from it, creating a mystery as to why the house was abandoned. I never change anything in the houses I paint and leave it to the person looking at the painting to fill in the gaps if they wish to, and to imagine the people who lived there.

Posted on May 19th 2020 on 02:58pm

Wednesday 06th May 2020Homage to Riddlehamhope

 I have just started sketching out this homage to Riddlehamhope - a building I have painted several times.

Posted on May 06th 2020 on 12:43pm
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