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Monday 09th August 2021Blog from the Edge, 6

Here’s Alison’s Blog from the Edge number 6, A Mixed Bag, as we start excavating the cave, progress work in the house, and await VIP guests.


 A Mixed Bag


It’s been a mixed bag this week on the weather front, with some gorgeous, very hot days full of sunshine and blue skies - and a couple of cloudy days, with cooler temperatures and clouds blowing down past us down into the valley below. We saw our first rain in 5 weeks last night - not heavy, a steady, gentle soak, but it was still warm.


This week’s been a mixed bag job-wise too. Paul finished clearing the garden, and we’ve been burning rubbish. I’ve been planting up numerous pots, sewing curtains, and giving four very sad chairs found in the cellar a new lease of life, with a few coats of paint. We’ve hung a few more things on the walls (not a hammer and nails job, as they’re solid concrete) and Paul has started work on clearing the cave. Note the dry stone wall 😁!  In between we had a couple of very nice meals in Ribeira Brava and Bar Rio.  Oh, and Paul’s had an excellent hair cut!


Progress has been made on the electrical front. We now have numerous sockets, so we can dispense with a few metres of extension cables running throughout the house! 


Excitement is building as we may have our first guests in a week’s time - my daughter and son-in-law and two grandchildren 🤗

Posted on August 09th 2021 on 12:05pm


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