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My work is available to view in both the U.K. and Madeira.

Gallery at the Mill, just outside of Allendale,
 is the perfect spot to house my work in Northumberland. Artist and Gallery owner Carol Davison and I are long-standing friends and Carol opened the gallery within Allen Mill for her own fine portraits and still life paintings in April 2021.  The vast body of my work features the North Pennine landscape which surrounds the gallery.



Allen Mill was the centre of the lead mining industry in the valley for centuries, from 1600 to 1897. The original smelting hearths and water wheel pits are being preserved as part of Allendale’s industrial heritage. At Allendale, these ancient industrial monuments are nestled amongst, and blended with, a much more ancient force. Nature. This is the story of much of my work. 


There is lots to explore at Allen Mill. Right by the gallery, there is a cafe and craft shop, sculpture trail, craft brewery, Indian restaurant and car park. Isaac’s Tea Trail and many other walks surround Allen Mill too.



This summer, I’ll be moving to Ribeira Brava in Madeira 
with my partner Alison, and opening a studio and gallery there later in 2021. Whilst we set up the gallery, you are welcome to call me (07968 990552) to view my work in Madeira.


Gallery at the Mill

Allen Mill



Northumberland NE47 9EQ

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