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Wednesday 06th May 2020Homage to Riddlehamhope

 I have just started sketching out this homage to Riddlehamhope - a building I have painted several times.

Posted on May 06th 2020 on 12:43pm

Wednesday 29th April 2020Moorhouse Farm

'Moorhouse Farm' is now completed and prints are available from my website or the gallery. This old farmhouse is near Allendale, Northumberland, and I am also working on a window painting from the same building. I am continuing to paint from my Prudhoe gallery, although the gallery is closed right now, of course. Take care.

Posted on April 29th 2020 on 01:27pm

Thursday 09th April 2020Moorhouse Farm - Work in Progress

I  am currently working on two paintings of the same building, Moorhouse Farm, near Allendale, Northumberland. The painting of the farm itself is closer to completion than the window painting. The window is to the right of the farmhouse.The detail of the farmhouse itself is taking some time - the scrubby grass at the front of the scene, and the tiny stream.
The whole place is so fragile that I suspect it won't stand another year. The tipping point isn't far away.

Posted on April 09th 2020 on 01:22pm

Wednesday 11th March 2020Madeira - Tyne Valley Express Feature

 Thank you, Tyne Valley Express magazine for this article about my work and time in Madeira, and the painting of the same name - 'Madeira' - such a beautiful island. Prints are available online or from my Prudhoe gallery.

Posted on March 11th 2020 on 03:36pm

Friday 06th March 2020Moorhouse - Work in Progress

My latest work in progress features Moorhouse, above Catton in Allendale.
This time last year, I was going for a blood transfusion in Hexham hospital. My good friend Chaz asked me I wanted to go anywhere, and we drove to Moorhouse and discovered these cottages. The photographs were quite inspiring and may lead to further paintings in due course. 
We also went to Limestone Brae, which also resulted in the painting below. Prints of 'Limestone Brae' are available and you are welcome to come into the gallery to see 'Moorhouse' develop. 

Posted on March 06th 2020 on 01:34pm

Friday 06th March 2020Sunset, Dharamkot, India

This is my latest painting, featuring a view from the foothills of the Himalayas - 'Sunset, Dharamkot, India'. Dharamkot overlooks the bustling town of McCleod Ganj, where the Dalai Lama is exiled to. I lived in this area for some time and got to know the small villages and people well.
I’ve visited this area repeatedly since 1979 and this is the most recent work in the series. This painting is available as an original or print.

Posted on March 06th 2020 on 01:14pm

Wednesday 04th March 2020Inspiration: Andrew Wyeth, 'Christina's World'

Interesting ideas about the work of one of my favourite artists, Andrew Wyeth, and the composition of his painting ‘Christina’s World,’ shown here. Click on the image of the painting to bring up the link to the video, or click here.

Posted on March 04th 2020 on 02:18pm

Thursday 13th February 2020Madeira

‘Madeira’ is the result of my first visit to the island with my partner, Alison, in 2018. It’s an extraordinary island. Just 14 x 70 miles in size, it’s packed with zones of different terrains. The light is clean and bright and everything from bananas to bougainvillea grows in the fertile land.‬

Posted on February 13th 2020 on 03:55pm

Thursday 13th February 2020Red Grooves, New Original and Print

This old house sits in Teesdale, between Westgate and Langdon Beck. 'Red Grooves' is surrounded by drift mines and backed by a long, deep scar that could have been formed by a melting glazier. It could either have been a farmhouse (there are crumbling remains of outbuildings too) or a mining manager’s house, as iron ore, coal and lead were all mined in that area. Both original and print are for sale.

A little further down the valley lies Flushimere and Flushimere House, which I have also painted.

Posted on February 13th 2020 on 03:44pm

Thursday 30th January 2020Tyne Valley Express Feature

Thank you to the Tyne Valley Express for this piece about my work and my appearance on BBC's Countryfile.

Posted on January 30th 2020 on 01:03pm
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