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The Northumberland Collection

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 The wild moors of Northumberland inspire my watercolours. England’s most sparsely populated county is rich in hills, moorlands, grasses and rivers, stretching towards and touching Scotland at its borders. I layer my paintings with delicate washes to reveal the essence of the light, atmosphere and moods of Northumberland.  


Living in Northumberland feeds my love of the moors and the fells. At first, I was very interested in painting the wild open spaces but I’ve become increasingly interested in the abandoned, often derelict small farms and cottages that I come across while wandering the fells. Wherever one travels in the uplands of The Pennines, there is evidence of mining, although nature is reclaiming what remains.



  • The End of the Line

    The End of the Line
  • Wall Fell Farm - Original Watercolour

    Wall Fell Farm - Original Watercolour
  • Green Door

    Green Door

  • Colt Crag Reservoir

    Colt Crag Reservoir
  • Limestone Brae

    Limestone Brae
  • Belmount Farm

    Belmount Farm

  • Coalcleugh in the Snow

    Coalcleugh in the Snow
  • Red Grooves

    Red Grooves
  • Moorhouse Farm

    Moorhouse Farm

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