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My loves of the Northumberland and Durham landscapes; India; architecture and looking out from deserted buildings to the North Pennines countryside beyond can be seen in my prints.
My main series can be browsed here: Windows, Northumberland, Himalayas and Whitby Abbey.
These prints are an affordable and durable way of owning my work. A few of the originals these prints were taken from are still available.  Browse the Artwork – Originals - page of the website or just call me to discuss originals.
Prints are presented on archival paper, produced in top quality printers’ inks. All prints are signed, hand numbered and titled. Click on your print of choice to see the full details. Some prints are open runs (unlimited numbers); others are limited edition. Both lithographic and digital methods have been used. Open run prints differ in size and come in a range of sizes to suit your space.

  • Northumberland Collection Prints

    Northumberland Collection Prints

  • Window Collection Prints

    Window Collection Prints

  • Madeiran Prints

    Madeiran Prints

  • Himalayan Series: Prints

    Himalayan Series: Prints

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