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Monday 30th August 2021Blog from the Edge, 9

Here’s Blog from the Edge number 9 from Alison, as we readjust to normal life after our family visit and I start to paint a new window.


Painting and Produce


Well, a bit of a quiet week here, folks, and a slight anticlimax after our first family visit to Madeira last week.


The weather is so hot still in Ribeira Brava, with a temperature ‘feel factor’ of 29-30C. We had about 30 minutes of light rain one night this week - just the 2nd shower since we arrived!


Our pots of geraniums are blooming. Here’s a tip I read about: soak banana skins in your watering can!  We picked Paul’s peppers today 😊. I can’t believe the rate everything grows here! I have all of the produce - basil pesto/mint sauce/fig jam and tomato sauce - bubbling away on the hob!


The big news this week is that Paul has started a painting - a window image from a derelict house in a little village close to Porto Moniz which we visited last Sunday.  This means that the cave project has been put on hold for a little while!


To finish this week off, we had an invite to our neighbours’ place for a traditional meat and pasta family meal - a lovely night was had.

Posted on August 30th 2021 on 10:55am


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