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Friday 24th December 2021Blog from the Edge - 19

Happy Christmas to all of our friends and family from myself and Alison - and a little news in her blog!

Merry Christmas from Madeira!


Paul and myself would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We are planning Christmas dinner right now. I think it will be prawn cocktail, followed by pork Wellington - turkey and sprouts nowhere in sight🤣.


The last year has been a challenge for a lot of us but one thing stands out - health is the key.


Where we are in the world at the moment is probably a lot safer than most places, for which we feel grateful and lucky.  We have had problems over the last six months but in the end they have all been overcome. Jose’s only English phrase resonates : ‘No problem, Mr Paul!’.


We are thinking of all our loved ones, friends and family over the seas, and we miss you all.  We look forward to 2022 for a lot more catch ups and visits back and forth as hopefully world travel gets back to ‘the norm’


Stay safe and well 💕. 

Posted on December 24th 2021 on 04:22pm


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