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Friday 08th October 2021Blog from the Edge, 14

Alison’s latest Blog from the Edge tells of our visit to Funchal to see its vibrant flowers.


Flags and Flowers 


The prayers flags are flying over our house in Madeira and we enjoyed fabulous flowers as we carried on exploring Funchal this week.


With the arrival of my sister Judith and brother-in-law Neil at the beginning of the week, and also of our combined small extra shipment of belongings, many days have been spent arranging, hanging and sorting furniture and paintings at their house and catching up with jobs at our own place. There was also the problem of having no hot water at their house (sounds familiar) - Nono to the rescue again!  After a visit to Tabua garden centre with Judith and Neil, a delivery of plants arrived for them which we duly potted up.  I resisted the temptation to buy more for us!


We went to Funchal on Tuesday. The actual flower festival parade was on the Sunday, but Funchal was still full of flowers - and the flower girls! It was actually a Bank Holiday on the Tuesday, so it was very quiet through the day - the perfect time to meander and explore the intriguing streets and back streets without the crowds!  The atmosphere picked up at night, when we enjoyed cocktails and a lovely meal.


Judith and Neil’s daughter has arrived for a week so we are planning more trips out, which you can read about in my next blog! 🤗

Posted on October 08th 2021 on 06:24pm


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