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Tuesday 28th September 2021Blog from the Edge - 13

Visitors here to Madeira enrich our lives - and return home enriched by the island in return. Alison writes about recent visitors in this week’s Blog from the Edge.



Bread and Yoga!


Another week and another set of visitors leave smitten with Madeira and looking for a place to buy for themselves!  Our friends want an old house rather than a new build (which are sprouting up all over in the most precarious spots clinging to hillsides).  Although there are plenty of derelict little houses dotted around, hidden among swaying banana plantations, it is very difficult to trace ownership of them.  A lot of families emigrated - Venezuela was popular - because of the lack of jobs on Madeira before the tourist boom hit.  When we were looking around with our visitors, it made us so aware of how lucky we are with our house in Ribeira Brava.


Our visitors gave us lessons in bread making and yoga (the yoga outside on the bedroom terrace), both of which I hope to keep going.  Paul was given advice on installing a water feature for his ‘cave project’ - all exciting stuff!


We were invited to Bar Rio on Friday for Paula’s birthday (her and her husband own it) and we were among a merry throng of family and friends and customers.


My sister and brother-in-law arrived last night 🤗 -  we ended up eating and drinking rather late and going to bed rather early 😳!  A date at their pool today was arranged - such a hardship!


As we approach October the weather is still beautiful - still hot through the day but cooler at nights. There’s not a cloud in the sky these mornings, but there is a mistiness on the horizon, which gives an autumnal feel.

Posted on September 28th 2021 on 01:25pm


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