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Commissions for portraits, landscapes and window paintings are always welcome. Most of my landscapes are watercolours, painted onto paper, whilst my portraits are painted in oils. Tim Healey, friend and actor, commissioned a portrait from me, as did Anne Stevenson, the poet.

Tim Healy, Actor


‘I met Paul a few years ago and he invited me to dinner and showed me his wonderful work. I have a beautiful watercolour landscape of Teesdale. My friends comment: “That’s a great photograph!” They are astonished that it is a painting.

Not only is Paul brilliant with watercolours, his oil work is superb. At dinner with him, I saw a portrait of his and asked if he would paint me. It now stands in perpetuity in my living room.

Not only is Paul a beautiful painter, he is a beautiful man and a dear friend.


Anne Stevenson, Poet


‘It is difficult to find the right terminology to describe these haunted watercolours.   “Realism” comes to mind, but although Stangroom’s representational craft can’t be faulted, his vision is more imaginative, more poetic, even more surreal in a dream-like sense than the blunt word “realist” suggests.’

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