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Hard Rigg

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  • MARCH 2019 ONLY LITHOGRAPHIC AVAILABLE JUST £50, SLIGHTLY SMALLER THAN DIMENSIONS BELOW (Please email me on paulstangroom.fineart@gmail.com if you would like a digital print in March 2019)
  • Size (mm) - 510 x 725
  • Limited Edition Print Run of 50
  • Digital Print, Unframed
  • Signed and Numbered by the Artist, Paul Stangroom
  • Prints are normally Mounted, Backed and Cellophane Wrapped, unless you Specify Otherwise
  • Digital Prints are Presented on Archival Paper, Produced in Top Quality Printers' Ink, Lasting up to 200 Years, if Kept in Correct Conditions

Extract from Paul Stangroom and Noel Connor's Book 'In the Pause of Passing'

'One day, as I was wandering across the fells above Alston, I saw this scene and knew I had to paint it...'

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